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Saturday, July 10, 2010

On July 11th we enter the New Moon in Cancer. First of all New Moons dedicate themselves to getting rid of the old and ushering in fresh starts. The sign tells us what area of life we’re being encouraged to restart.  What’s even more powerful here is that – as usual, the sign the New Moon is in, is also the sign that the Sun is in. Therefore, we have Sun Cancer/Moon Cancer on July 11th!  Do you feel all that “mom” energy?

The New Moon in Cancer encourages us to take care of ourselves in Cancerian areas: nurturing, food, and caregiving. Where in our lives do we want to see new, fresh changes in these areas? Perhaps we need to discover what helps us to feel personally secure. We may want to manifest things like “During this New Moon in Cancer, I will discover new ways of communicating my needs”, “…. I will discover and be able to put into practice a healthy relationship with food.” “I will begin to try new things to increase security in my relationship with my mother/mother figure.”

Let yourself be guided in your own internal mysteries --- Cancer is the sign of feminine mystery. If you’re a man, you may find that it is easy and deeply satisfying to begin healing work that deals with women or that deals with your own emotional process. If you’re a woman, this may call up issues that deal with mother and femaleness, food and protection, care giving and care getting. Cancer rules images of Mother and the Divine Feminine. If you're thinking somewhere between Betty Crocker or Donna Reed, pearls gleaming and apron tied tightly around her waist, that's half right. The other half is pure Diana, goddess of the hunt - independent and free, and running with her pack of goddess friends.

We’re in an interesting time right now as this New Moon is coming right in the middle of a Cardinal T-square.  In other words, Cancer (sun and moon) is opposed to Pluto (the planet of deep soul-level changes) in Capricorn. Capricorn is stable and deals with foundations.  Since it’s in Pluto, things are changing in our lives, deep changes. The dual Sun/Moon in Cancer will put us back in touch with our family roots, our feelings about nurturing, security, home (and homeland) and motherhood. Not only is Pluto rocking the ground underneath us, but also we are being supported to make positive changes in these areas.  This is a great time to explore your feelings and share them, look at patterns of behavior that are or are not working, and explore your imagination (Cancer rules loony funny thoughts and imagination).

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Manifestation Station, July 8

First of all, there are still some small kinks being worked out on this site.

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Tonight was the weekly manifestation class at Modern Zen (the building formerly known as Griffin's Loft). This is a class that seems - by its very nature - to work best when I am not prepping and when I haven't read fifty theories and nine thousand books on Manifestation and Creation (which to me sounds an awful lot like Manifestation in motion -- just letting it be). I thought I'd take the bull by the horns tonight and actually prep - i.e. -- discuss notes and theory.

See, I recently went to the library looking for books on spirituality, on manifestation, even on being present. I came away with an armful of books (the same armful I mentioned in the July 1st post), determined to Learn More About Manifestation.


Here's what happened. I remembered that I knew a lot more than I thought I did. I also learned that at some point, manifestation links into many, many ideas of spiritual surrender.

  1. Thoughts Create Beliefs Create Action

  2. Letting Go Will Help You On Many Levels

  3. In Letting Go, We Can Only Control Ourselves

  4. In the space of "Letting Go", create.

  • How do you know you're manifesting what you need?

Someone asked a really great question tonight. "I want to do X thing. How do I know if I am on the path?"

By how you feel. If everytime you think about X thing, about YOU being in this situation, purely, you feel awesome and amazing and want to dance in your shoes and kiss small puppy dogs, then this is GOOD. If , on the other hand, merely thinking about X situation makes you feel drained, unhappy, or angry, then maybe this is not really something you want to do.

  • Feelings are facts.

My mom used to throw this one at me and I used to look at her like she was insane. "What do you mean feelings are facts?" I would say. "Facts are facts." Well, mom really meant that feelings show where you are in the middle of a situation. How you feel often shows you what your needs are or are not. Where are you? What is happening for you? It's a biggie.

  • "Good feels Good" -- Esther Hicks

I love this one.  Look at that. Good feels good. Was there ever so simple a statement?

That's it? Centuries of people being taught that pleasure of any kind means surefire damnation?

All of us, going forth, thinking that if we reaaaaalllly roll around in pleasure and catnip, the great hand of Big External Force (and sometimes Big Mamma or Papa SuperEgo) will destroy us in a blazing fire?

Think about all the ways society teaches us to put this aside. Don't have too much fun. Have a good time, but after that, come back in because supper's on the table. Good feels good. Let's start there. Good feels like alignment. Good feels like being with yourself. Good feels like whole. Good feels good. Brilliant.

  • Negative Manifestation: "I was waiting for the other shoe to drop"?

Does the Universe ever wear shoes? Shoes are there to move us from point A to point Z. They are not there to hinder me, or you, or to drop into our existence and end what was, up until that point, a perfectly lovely time. This reminds me of that Monty Python sketch about The Hand of God.

  • Are there any absolutes? (Or, Oh My God, I'm the Teacher.)

I love teaching. I love it. I love connecting with people. I also find myself coming up against the 'image' of a Teacher Who Needs To Know Everything, Ever, About Manifestation. In general, I must have all the answers for you, my student. Some days I believe this. (Those are the days where my beagle looks at me like "Weren't you questioning that five minutes ago?" She's right. She's a smart beagle.)

I walked into class tonight and basically said, "Look, I am your teacher and right now I'm having a small crisis of faith around what that means. It does not mean I know all the answers." I have no idea. The truth is that I know what I have read and studied, and what has worked for me, and what I have seen.

I am also learning about manifestation and some days I break all the rules of it (clamping down, clenching down) five times before I'm out of bed. I'm human. It happens. Sometimes I let go and am able to create and pull things to me in all kinds of awesome wonderful ways. Often, I am able to let go and create more and more. That's fun and wonderful.

  • In Class: Manifestation Fortune Cookies

Tonight we did Manifestation Fortune Cookies. I passed around a small bag and every person pulled out a quote on manifestation. Weirdly (or actually, Purely Manifested!!!), every person seemed to draw the exact fortune that somehow mirrored something they had expressed during the class. Perfect. Total Manifestation at work.

Manifestation is faith is creation is God/Source/Divine/Us is letting go. It's all tied up somehow. It's one weird golden thread where all of it -- - becomes something we can hold on to and let it hold us.

Here's to being held and holding back.

G'night, all. Sleep well.