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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What's a Happy Ganesh? And...Happy Birthday Cancer!

***If you're reading this through email, please click through to view the Youtube videos!**

We're going to explore two things in this post.
1) What's a Happy Ganesh? What do we do? We've got the answer for you below.

and 2) Happy Birthday Cancer!!!!! Scroll to the bottom to get some information and some fun youtube videos all about you and your qualities!

What is a "Happy Ganesh"?

We sometimes get this question, usually followed by "isn't a Ganesh one of those things you buy at a deli?" No, that's a knish.

Here's Who We Are

Happy Ganesh is a firm dedicated to educating and empowering people through creative writing consulting and grounded and confidential astrological and intuitive sessions. Happy Ganesh encourages and supports our 200 + clients to use both left and right sides of their brain in order to achieve joy and confidence in their lives. HG is also an active community supporter for Gilda's Club, a cancer support network, and The Harvey Milk School in New York, devoted to the safety of GLBT youth.

From writing to astrology and back again - that's who we are.

And it's all about Cancer - because it's time to celebrate the crab.

Cancers are best known for their sensitivity, their orientation towards family and their love of music -which is in part what we're going to celebrate tonight.

1) Here's Cancer Ringo Star singing "It Don't Come Easy."

2) Here's Cancer Mercury Rufus Wainwright (with help from Shrek) singing "Hallelujah" - a great example of Cancer's natural spirituality.

3) Cancer Suzanne Vega got this catchy/annoying beat into everyone's head in the 90s - Here's "Tom's Diner" - all about one of Cancer's favorite things, food.

4) Cancer Sun George M. Cohan was best known as the "Yankee Doodle Dandy."