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Friday, August 20, 2010

Last night our Manifestation Class became a passport to all things travel related.

The class was geared around and inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. Spirituality and travel were our keywords for the evening. Armed with magazines, scissors, glue sticks, and a healthy sense of adventure, we snipped our way into exotic destinations. We also used prompts directly related to spirituality and travel.

I know a lot of people expressed interest in this particular EPL-inspired travel class. Couldn't make it? No worries. I'll be holding another one on September 9th! The cost of the class is $10. Bring a journal and an questioning heart.

Want to manifest from home? Here's some sample prompts from last night:

  1. Elizabeth, in both the book and the movie version of EPL, is trying to “find her word”, which is “Antevasin” – a Sanskrit word meaning “one who lives at the border.” What is one word that sums up your travels? That expresses you on your spiritual path?

  2. Elizabeth goes to Italy (where she finds pleasure), India (where she comes to terms with her past), and Bali (where she finds balance and love). Where do you dream of going? What would your journey look like?

Here is the class schedule for the next few weeks.

8/26 - AstroManifesting:  Full moon in Pisces and Mercury in Retrograde (*Bring  birthdate and time for a mini-interpretation*)

9/2 -   AstroManifesting: New Moon in Virgo

9/9 -   Eat, Pray, Love Travel Class! (for those who could not attend the first time!)

9/16 – TBA

9/23 – AstroManifesting: Full Moon in Aries/Libra

9/30 - TBA

Have a great weekend!

Take care,


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blazing Blog and UK Band Bloc Party's "Mercury in Retrograde"

It's that time again. Bob and I are back! (Due to some now resolved computer issues, but better late than never!) We talk about the Princess of Disks (Page of Coins), Judgement, and 4 of cups. Click below to see how these cards impact your week.

Also, here's a musical accompaniment to Mercury in Retrograde! As of tomorrow, August 20, we'll be in Virgo Mercury Retrograde. (In order to read more about it, go here.) I love this song - it's rare that bands talk about astrology in their songs, but the lyrics to this one are pretty dead on. No, this is NOT a good time to sign a lease or find a new love - or start anything new.

Turn it up to eleven.

Til next time,


(This video belongs to Bloc Party and was posted by jimbodoteleven . The copyright, the lyrics, and the song all are Bloc Party's.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last Wednesday, my computer refused to do things like hold power or  charge itself. I called the Help Desk. A few more moments and I had a human on the phone. Derrick, to whom I will gladly donate a kidney or lung, was able to send me a power cord free of charge. Problem 1, solved.

However, while I was fixing Problem 1, Problems 2, 3, and 4 were erupting like boils. I even pictured them as small flash fires, proceeded by  a popping sound, something like what Westley and Buttercup encounter in  The Fire Swamp. In short order, while I was on the phone with my  computer company, my printer decided that it didn't like ink anymore and  stopped printing. The publishers were unable to open any kind of word file   I sent them. And, best of all, Florida was hit with enough wind and rain to uproot the Titanic, resulting in an air conditioning unit that dripped over the ceiling, down the wall, and inches away from a freshly laid floor.

Pop, pop, pop!

After calling A/C people, I went to Office Depot to print out what I needed. I stood there, a jump drive in one hand, 57 pages of an editing assignment in the other, with a crazed, wild eyed look on my face, as I explained to the computer guy the many ways that electronic items can break, causing a perfectly ordered life to go off the rails in a matter of hours. I may have even sobbed. I am not sure.

"It just doesn't make SENSE!" I ranted, red-eyed and panting. "How on earth could everything in my entire office break? Everything! My computer isn't charging. My printer doesn't want to use ink to print and it has brand new cartridges! And there is a three foot rain leak in my upstairs hallway, despite the fact that I've just checked the roof and the A/C unit!"

"Well," he said, sitting back and giving me his best Gandalf face. "That just sounds like a vortex of odd."

Vortex of Odd.

Or as astrologers call it, Mercury in Retrograde.

Here's the thing. I'm an astrologer. I understand the power of Mercury in Retrograde, how to harness it, how to make the most of it. And I have no normal recollection of last Wednesday or Thursday.

We were in Retrograde Shadow, which began about two weeks before the actual retrograde. Currently, we're still in shadow, but if this story is any example, I'm sure you must also be feeling the effects of the upcoming Mercury Virgo Retrograde.

For the uninitiated, a Retrograde is when a planet moves backwards in the heavens. Mercury is the planet of communication and travel. When it goes backwards, it means that written or verbal communication may be more confusing than usual. Travel plans may go awry.

We are in Mercury in Retrograde from August 20 (aprox 4pm EST) to Sept 12 (aprox 7pm EST).

Mercury in Retrograde gets a bad rap for stories like mine. It can cause computers and phones to die without warning. Whole computers may need to be airlifted to hospital wards. To keep yourself sane, here’s some tips about how to survive and even thrive during retrograde.

  • Don’t sign on the dotted line if you can help it.

  • Double and triple check travel plans

  • Double and triple check anything in writing

  • Wait out any big decisions if you can help it.

The good parts of Retro?

  • Ample chances to wait it out and redo.

  • Old friends or family coming back

  • Old communications working for you instead of against you

If want to know more about how Mercury in Retrograde will affect you, email me about a reading. I am available for in-person and distance readings. Pop over to the Contact page and drop me a line!