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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun Fridays: CBS RADIO and "Tricking the Goddess" Poetry Book

[caption id="attachment_179" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="HG is a Proud Sponsor of The Movement Within Radio on CBS RADIO! Hear the HG Radio Spot on CBS, starting May 2"][/caption]

Happy Ganesh is now a proud sponsor of The Movement Within Radio Show on CBS Radio!

Here's what that means for us: HG is now going to have a radio spot that will be heard during The Movement Within Radio Show, starting May 2, Monday Nights at 6 pm on CBS Radio ...AND will stream live on AOL Radio, Yahoo Radio, and on actual HD radio stations in Seattle, Boston, and Detroit.

Here's what that means for YOU

  • more services

  • more great seminars and one-on-one classes

  • the creation of a Happy Ganesh bookstore

  • and much much more!

We're very excited!! And a huge congrats to our good friend April Claxton who has worked her tail off on the creation of this show. We're so proud to be a sponsor.

Tricking the Goddess Hits Shelves in May

Plus, the first of two books is coming out in May 2011! My first poetry collection, Tricking the Goddess, hits stores in May, to correspond with the CBS Radio spots! Several years ago, I lost my mother to cancer and thought my life was over. But life is never over and just when my old life ended, I found myself in the middle of an amazing fresh start, from the darkness and into the light. You'll be able to buy it on or right here.

But What About "Creative Astrology"? Wasn't That The First Book?

It's coming. Due to some scheduling changes, it looks like the release of "Creative Astrology" will be pushed back a little bit. No worries, though. It's not going anywhere, and we're in a Retrograde, so all good things will come after that, surely. ;-)

Happy Ganesh's Radio Show

Annnnnd.....we're going to have our own radio show. We'll begin sometime in April on and for free, you'll get a full hour of

  • astrological happenings

  • writing how tos

  • author interviews

  • author readings

  • what astrology means for you, including call ins

  • and much, much more!


Thank you for being with us! You're the reason we do this at all - because there are people out there who care about Happy Ganesh's twin passions - astrology and books/literature. Because you have a curious and seeking heart and because you want to learn about your world and your life through intuitive readings. Because you understand that the only way out is through and that honest expression is empowerment.

And we could never do this without you.

In gratitude,



Happy weekend!

- Marissa

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Writing Wednesday: The Universe and You

[caption id="attachment_23" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="Spirituality is an Intensely Personal Road. "][/caption]


(Note: This article contains YouTube videos. If you're reading this entry in an email, please click through to the blog to see the videos!)

In honor of this week's Writing Wednesday, let's talk about the eternal divine within. I believe the sacred is in you, and learning how to connect to our deeply personal and individual spiritualities is, I believe, a lifelong and intensely personal process.

1. Do you believe in a Higher Power? If yes, does it have a name? Do you call it God? Goddess? Jesus? Luck? Chance? Fate?

2. What is your personal sacred code?

3. What does talking to a Higher Power mean to you, if you pray to one? Do you call your communication prayer? Does it have another name?

4. Describe the face of your own inner divine being. What does it look like? What is the feeling associated with it?

5. What is your favorite communication or "prayer" with the divine? Some of my favorites are "I'm lost", "Help", "F-- This!", or "Thank You."

Some book recommendations are

The Feminine Face of God by Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins: Anderson and Hopkins explore women's views of spirituality, including testimony from nuns, Buddists, pagans, female rabbis, and women of all kinds, creeds, and belief systems. From the questioning stay-at-home mom to the woman leaving her relationship after fifty years, the book delves into our eternal questions: If God is me, what am I doing here? What is meaning? What applies to me?

The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie: Self-help household name Melody Beattie wrote this as a daily book of meditations to help us let go, find health, and trust our inner timing. (Melody Beattie also gave the children's book I edited rave reviews. To learn more about April Claxton's wonderful Goodnight Just the Same, click here.)

The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris: The poet Kathleen Norris went to live with Benedictine monks for two years. "Here, she compresses these years of experience into the diary of one liturgical year, offering observations on subjects ranging from celibacy to dealing with emotions," says Amazon.

Women, Food, and God: Geneen Roth was featured on Oprah for this one and it's fantastic. She connects our intimate relationship to food to our intimate spiritual relationship. Wonderful meditation on the ways that our relationship to food parallels our own abundance or perceived lack of  support from a higher power.

The ways that we feel into - or don't feel into - our individual paths can often make or break us in small ways. Here's to loving and accepting our own personal paths, whatever they look like and whatever questions they pose.

And here's a song, "Universe and You" by KT Tunstall.

For any Gray's Anatomy fans out there, here's the "very special musical episode version" that aired last week.  Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) sings to her partner Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) , now in a coma. (Who was a weepy mess? That would be me.)



Monday, April 4, 2011

Manifestation Mondays: Music and Mediation

*** Message to email subscribers - this post contains a YouTube video, so if you're reading it in an email, please click through to the blog to experience the video.***

The theme from one of my favorite movies.

Turn it up.
Notice your thoughts. Just notice them.
Relax for five whole minutes.