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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Goddess Celebration: June 18 at RAD WELLNESS!

[caption id="attachment_211" align="aligncenter" width="210" caption="Embrace the Goddess Within on JUNE 18!"][/caption]

Great news! Jessica Hollen of the women-positive The Goddess Initiative and Marissa Cohen of Happy Ganesh will join forces in a spectacular, one-night-only event JUNE 18, 8 pm, at RAD WELLNESS CENTER in Sunrise Florida! Come and dance with us FOR FREE  and join our celebration of all things feminine, powerful and creative.  How many of us out there are mothers, leaders, teachers, friends, daughters, lovers? Think of all the roles we take on. It's time to celebrate the deep, knowing voice within.

That's the Divine Feminine and we deserve to take a little time and celebrate our creative, powerful and earth-moving energy.

The theme this year is Water, so dress in the colors of the ocean, channel your inner water goddess, sea nymph or mermaid and come out to help us celebrate the divinity within you!

Marissa is excited to come out and lend her services to this fantastic event -- because there is nothing more empowering than helping people to claim their creative and intuitive power. Psychic Cynthia Segal will also share the stage  in this FREE event dedicated to claiming your individual, juicy, creative, fabulous, follow-your-inner-voice power!

(It kind of makes you want to dance, doesn't it?)

There'll be

  • a preview of Marissa's upcoming book "Tricking the Goddess"

  • dancing

  • meeting other fantastic goddesses of all ages

  • games to build your creative and intuitive self

  • and much more...!


To learn more about the event, please RSVP on Facebook!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gemini! "Together, Let's Explore the Stars."

[caption id="attachment_207" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Happy Birthday, Gemini!"][/caption]Note: If you're reading this through email, please click through to the blog to experience the YouTube videos!

This blog is going to go a little quieter for the next few weeks (big changes at the home front), but I'll still update as much as I can.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday Gemini! Geminis are witty, clever, and fantastic with words. If you've got a Gemini Sun Sign or a Gemini Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, or Rising Sign (and if you're not sure, go to to check for free), that means that somewhere inside you, you contain a writer, a reporter, or a news anchor. My sources tell me that Lois Lane of Superman was a Gemini type.

Astrological guru and author of the classics Sun Signs and Love Signs, Linda Goodman said about Geminis "They are sharply satirical and they're more clever than just about anybody. Some Mercury types delight in disconcerting slower minds with their lightening fast mental processes."

From Tomb Raiders to presidents, there's quite a round up of writers, charmers, and quick-thinkers in this sign.

1) Wordy Gemini

From song-lyrics to heartfelt poems, Gemini types cut their teeth on words.

Judy Garland, a Gemini Sun, got under our skin with this classic song.


Other wordy wits?

The lyrics of Bob Dylan defined a generation in songs like the classic "The Times They Are a Changin'".

...and Gemini singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile covered it.

2) Charming and Impish Gemini

The iconic Marilyn Monroe made this showstopper famous

...and Gemini Nicole Kidman covered it in 2001's Moulin Rouge!

3) Versatile Gemini. Do you have a double-life like the average superhero? Gemini Angelina Jolie has made a career out of playing changeable heroines, as seen in this trailer from 2010's Salt.

4) Smartie-Pants Gemini

Sherlock Holmes author Sir Conan Doyle had a Gemini Sun, and the brainiac Gemini imprint can be seen all over his most famous character.

5) Political Gemini

Geminis have a way with words and a natural charm that helps to sway the public. It's no surprise that a lot of Geminis wind up in public life. Here's JFK encouraging the American people.

"Together, let us explore the stars." I think that's fitting for an astrology blog. ;-)

Want more? Contact me for an astrological or mediumship reading or purchase right from the site.

Happy birthday, Gemini!

Image: Cliff1066