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Friday, January 14, 2011

The 13th Zodiac Sign Causes Mass Hysteria... It's All Okay.

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I knew something was afoot when I had a freaked out and confused message from my Aries pal, Nick. "Have you heard this? There's a thirteenth zodiac sign! Apparently, I'm a Pisces." There was a long silence as he tried to wrap his brain around this one. When I got the message, I was astounded as well.

My Aries pal is as Aries as they come. He's a staunch self-starter, a fire-brand through and through. He's currently running two businesses and somewhere in there, he finds time to sleep and go to the bathroom. While he has Piscean planets, the idea of his sun sign, which casts your entire solar chart, turning backwards one entire sign? Clearly unthinkable.

My Aries-turned-Pisces friend is not the first innocent bystander of the recent "13th Zodiac Sign" kaffuffle.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have been wandering around since the story broke Tuesday, looking at themselves in the mirror and in the windows of storefronts, confused about their astrological identity. Twitter has been blowing up (as noted in the CNN story below) with frantic tweets of people wondering if they need to surgically remove the Scorpio tattoo and replace it with a more accurate one (Gotta love your Scorpios!).

Ghostbusters Venkman, Egon, and Spengler are also clearly upset. They're not sure of their sun signs either.

It made Yahoo! news and my good friend, Astrologer-Singer Solaris weighted in, amused, to wonder if *this* 13th Sign business might be all that 2011-2012 predictions were about, after all.

Which led to me pacing and hitting the books tonight. Does this mean that 4000 years of astrological knowledge has just, with one quirk of the cosmos, been rendered useless? For my money, not until the next 2011 crop of astrology textbooks includes this 13th sign. Not until all the charts and ephemerides change. At that point, I might become (and now I'm sounding like the detail-oriented Virgo that I might be!) buried in paperwork and adjusting to a world in which the old ways don't work. But that day is thankfully not today.

Relax. Shhhh. It's ok. See? CNN said it's ok. (Read their article and get the facts here.)

No worries, friends. My Aries friend is still an Aries. And you are whatever sun sign you began the week as, when this story exploded the internet. That's the official Happy Ganesh weigh in.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Capricorn and Libra Square Dance, While Venus Sag, Mars Aquarius Push Us Forward!

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We're dealing with some harsh energy right now, as the Sun in Capricorn squares off to the Saturn in Libra. It's a cardinal energy fight to the finish as these two leadership signs stage a push-me-pull-you in the heavens. Since Capricorn and Libra energy are squared, Sun Capricorn's plodding, slow and steady climb to the top will conflict with Saturn Libra's more duo-oriented energy.  Got lots of Libra or Capricorn in your chart? You may feel the push-pull in houses ruled by Capricorn or Libra. Once the sun sign changes to Aquarius in late January, this energy will calm down.

As of Jan 7th, Venus, the planet of romantic love, moved off of Scorpio's intense, True Blood style of lovin' and into philosophical, blunt, easy-going, fun Venus in Sagittarius. Sag Venus energy may kick up our own sense of big-time adventure. Creative projects may get international legs (Venus rules creativity, Sagittarius rules travel and all things international) and expand beyond your wildest dreams. If Sagittarius planets are in your 5th (love affairs) or your 7th house (partnership), you may wind up with a Sag-style lover: a larger-than-life, humorous traveler!

Jupiter (planet of expansion, and Sag's ruler) and Uranus (planet of sudden change, and the ruler of Aquarius) are conjunct, united in dreamy Piscean energy. Simply put, we'll be guided to change and expand. But how?

Mars is in rebellious Aquarius from January 15th to February 22. So how are we going to accomplish all those New Year's resolution of ours? At least until late February (when Mars moves out of this sign), Aquarius holds the key. Go where you've never gone before. Mars is the planet of motivation and anger. In Capricorn, it gave off a solid, stable energy. In Aquarius, Mars needs to shake things up in an unpredictable, community based way. Random science experiments on passing strangers? Bring it. Tap dancing in the town square? Yes, please. The weirder and more unpredictable your goals are, the more you're being guided to just get on with it and do it.

What will all this new energy do for you? Contact me here to book a reading!

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