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Friday, October 8, 2010

Let the Birthday Party Begin!!!!

Happy birthday to yoooooou

Happy birthday to yoooooou

Happy birthday, dear Happy Ganesh....

Happy birthday to yoooooou!!!

Your party favors are up! If you purchase a half-hour or hour-long reading between October 8th at 10 AM (EST) and October 9th at 6 PM (EST), you get $10 off! It's our gift to you because Happy Ganesh believes in hard work -- but he also believes in thanking friends for support.

To take advantage of your party favor, please click here.

Remember, you can have a distance reading even if you're local - or anywhere in the world. Want one but can't get out of work? Stuck in traffic? No problem. Contact us on your lunch hour. Or we'll be at Modern Zen today and tomorrow. We look forward to your visit.

Whether its through fostering communication with the living and departed loved ones, or encouraging self-expression and self-empowerment through manifestation and astrological classes and coaching, we're delighted to be here for you. (For information on the upcoming astrology class, please go here.)

Thank you again for being a part of our journey and allowing us to be a part of yours.

All blessings,


President of Happy Ganesh

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You are cordially invited to celebrate a very special event: Ganesh will be one on October 9th, sharing a birthday with Beatle John Lennon. (This makes Happy Ganesh prone to dancing around the HG offices to "You Say It's Your Birthday!")


He's a big, happy, dancing half-child, half-god. He represents many things to us here at Happy Ganesh.

Hope. Letting go. A willingness to play and learn and dance. He represents the connection that exists when we help you make contact with your own answers. He represents the eternal love  between people, whether living or dead.  When HG helps you connect with intuitive messages, and the creativity that comes with our manifestation classes and coaching, and the raw self-empowerment of astrological information -- that's what Happy Ganesh is all about.

And, on October 9th, 2010, Happy Ganesh will be one whole year old!

You've helped us get there.

And we'd like to thank YOU. For letting HG help you find your own internal answers and for trusting us with your deepest questions. In thanks, Happy Ganesh has party favors for you!

On October 8th and 9th only starting at 10 AM (EST) and ending on October 9th 6 PM (EST), we're proud to say that we're going to be offering  half-hour or  hour long readings for $10 off!

Also, print out this page and bring it to Modern Zen in order to get $2.00 off the individually purchased astrology class sessions, which begin on 10/25! (Class packages not included in this offer.) Want to learn more about the upcoming Astrology Class? Go here.

As always, distance readings are available. All readings book up fast so please be sure to contact us for appointment times. If you're local, I'll be reading at Modern Zen on October 8th and 9th by appointment.

It's largely by appointment, so, please contact us for availability!

(Also, we've received several questions about the specially commissioned cartoon drawing of Happy Birthday, Ganesh! He was created expressively for us by Clayfoot Jones's very own Nick Moore. He's nifty and talented - and can create business cards, too! Check him out here.)

Thank you for a wonderful year.

With love,


President of Happy Ganesh, Inc.