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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm sitting here listening to my friend April Claxton, CEO of The Movement Within being interviewed by Nate Klarfield  about her children's book Goodnight Just the Same (listen below). It's a project that's getting a lot of attention - and one I've very excited to have edited.

Nate Klarfield Interviews my friend April Claxton on Stonewall Live about Goodnight Just the Same

I'm truly inspired right now. I've watched April grow and change throughout the two years I've known her - and this truly speaks to me. Imagine all the ways we can learn to become present - if we allow it.

I'm on the cusp of a large self-change myself. The more I am involved in this work, the more I am starting to realize that - after all - the two worlds of education and intuition are not separate. No "worlds" are separate. They are as united in the world as we are united in ourselves. Nothing is outside of us. I talked to a close friend of mine the other evening about life change. She said "I'm doing what I'm meant to do." How many of us can say that?

Can you say that? Can I?

How deeply can you own yourself? Your sexuality? Your creativity? What makes you YOU?

I own myself today. I own all sides of me and all parts of me - the parts that have worked in corporate, the parts that have worked as a medium and astrologer, and the parts of me that haven't felt united. That's my goal - to accept and not just LOVE myself - but to get excited about what I'm here to do and my life.

That's my dare for all of us this week.

Live your truth. Make it one with yourself. It is WHO YOU ARE. Dance in it. Own it. Do what you came here to do. Period.


News and  Changes

It's coming!!!!!!!! The August 4th Tricking the Goddess Poetry Reading at Books and Books in Fort Lauderdale is coming! It will be at 6 pm. Mark your calendars. Those who came out to the reading at Hollywood Vine really enjoyed it.

Also, the Goddess Initiative party from June 18 has - due to a space issue - been canceled.

The Radio Shows - both the one on The Movement Within Channel Weds at 6:30 and the one that was meant to start on the Happy Ganesh channel on Monday have (ironically! changes!) been quieted until further notice

But this blog will still offer fantastic astrological, writing and inspirational information. No matter what changes Happy Ganesh undergoes, you can rely on this blog and on the clear, astrological and intuitive readings that I continue to offer.

I'd also like to thank everyone who reads this blog, especially to my clients. Since Happy Ganesh opened in 2009, you've helped us grow and change - and you've held the space for me as much as I've held the space for you.


Here are some questions to get you inspired.

1) What are you DOING to live your dream?

2) What are your blocks and fears around living your dream? Be specific.

3) What would you do if you were safe?

4) What would happen in your life if you were safe?

5) What is your ultimate goal in your life?

6) Be still and listen to your heart. What does it say?

All my love,