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Friday, December 10, 2010

HG December Newsletter - and Full Moon AND Eclipse in Gemini!

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There are many big astrological changes coming our way. We've just passed the New Moon in Sagittarius, with all of its manifestation potential, and we're heading into a Capricorn Mercury in Retrograde on Friday, December 10th. What does this mean?

Mercury and Mars
As always, keep receipts for electronics and make allowances for the possibility of technology and travel dragging their metaphorical feet. As with any Retro, we're looking at old friends returning. However, with both Mercury Retro and Mars in sturdy, slow-up-the-hill Capricorn, we're deep in the slow learning process. Communication (Retro) may seem frustrating, but with Mars (motivation/sex) in Capricorn, we're going to be buoyed upwards on the lessons we're learning. Some sample Mars Capricorn issues may be:

  1. Turning away from the flighty for the substantial.

  2. Accepting that slow growth is often the best.

  3. Making difficult and important decisions about long term plans.

  4. Being attracted to Capricorn "types" - serious, clear-eyed folks who value substance over flash.

  5. RESPONSIBILITY -  for your own "mountain climb" to the top.

Also, Mars and Mercury meet on the 13th, giving us insight into our path.

The New and Full Moons AND a Lunar Eclipse!

We've just passed through the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 5th, and the Full Moon in Gemini on December 21 will close out the cycle. Remember, New Moons open the door to energy; Full Moons close the door and help prepare for a shift. Full Moons help us to let go - and it's believed that they also bring the manifestations and dreams of the New Moon into fruition. However, this one will be a doozy because Dec. 21 not only brings us the Full Moon, but it also brings us a lunar eclipse. So, to sum up, our Full Moon in Gemini on Dec. 21 (at 29 degrees, which will also match with the Sun in Sag at 29 degrees, making for an uber-powerful connection) will also be a lunar eclipse, imbuing us with the power of intense change. Eclipses make their presence known! They bring us the kind of change that we may not see for weeks later - and they also test our boundaries. According to astrologer April Kent, it's during a lunar eclipse that "something wants to be brought into being." The push/pull between the New Moon in Sag and the Full Moon/Eclipse in Gemini will ask us what our beliefs are. Are our beliefs about travel and communication local (Gemini) or international (Sag)?

Curious about how the eclipse will affect you? Want to schedule a reading? Contact me.

As we begin the end of 2010, I wish all of you wonderful joy and health, parties with friends and loved ones, and many blessings!