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Thursday, July 22, 2010

On July 21, Saturn, the planet of hard lessons, seriousness, time, and teaching moves out of Virgo into Libra.

Saturn is a rigid and formal taskmaster. This planet is much like the       Schoolmaster or Old Father Time. Saturn was in Virgo from September 2, 2007 to October 29, 2009. It moved into Libra on from October 29, 2009 to April 7, and then doubled back into Virgo until now. Now, as of July 21, its in Libra until 2012.

First of all Virgo issues deal with editing, writing, health, clutter/cleanliness, health/disease (literally dis-ease). For those of you born between July 1978 and Sept 21, 1980, you saw Virgo hit your Saturn Return. I watched friends and clients reeling from Saturn Returns. During a personal Saturn Return (in the ages of 28-31), the heavens and your personal astrological chart see to it that you learn hard lessons - and that you learn them well. No ducking, running, or hiding. Where Saturn falls in your chart shows where the lessons were learned.

One woman experienced her Saturn Return in Virgo in her 4th house - the house of home and family. She lost close family members and found herself in a position of rebuilding an inherited family home -- Virgo Saturn Return in the 4th at its finest. During this process, she had to get real about her own emotional and physical health issues and learned a great deal of 'Virgo' lessons about home organization and clutter. Another woman had her Saturn in Virgo hit her in the 5th house --- getting real about yoga-inclined, healthy, tofu eating romantic interests was the order of the day. (To learn more about this go to and learn about where your Saturn is!)

Now, Saturn's got a brand new bag, baby - and we saw this recently, between October 29, 2009 to April 7, 2010 when Saturn was in Libra, before going back to Virgo until July 20, 2010. Think about the issues that were up in relationships between that time frame. Saturn in Libra is coming back with a sequel of that energy.

Now, from July 21, 2010 to October 5, 2012, Saturn turns up the heat - it can help you, Pluto-like, to burn away things that aren't working. What is not needed will be dropped on the journey, but its here to teach us lessons. We're going back into Saturn in Libra. This means, the journey of Saturn will shift from Virgo-based principals such as editing/writing, health/disease, clutter/cleanliness, and mind/body healing connections to relationship based patterns. Do you feel your relationships and friendships are balanced? Do you give and receive what is needed to ensure positive outcomes? Are you giving too much without having your needs met? Or are you taking too much from the other person? This also plays a role in business and family relationships as well, the key word being 'relationship'. Do you have clear communication in all of your relationships or is your communication muddled? Saturn in Libra will help you in these areas. Saturn in Libra will also help you smooth out areas of legal discord - or help you get much clearer on how you should proceed.

The big lessons taught with Saturn in Libra are

  • treating yourself and your partner/friend/business partner with fairness

  • seeking balance in relationships - and learning how to create it, sometimes in situations that seem like Big Massive Lessons

  • learning where or if you compromise your own needs to meet the needs of another --- or if you are asking someone else to compromise their needs for you

  • understanding your needs - and the needs of others. For some this means noticing how radically unbalanced or unhealthy certain relationships are. For others, this will mean coming to a deeper understanding of their own needs and being clear about communication.

  • control-freak issues (common with Saturn in Libra). Do you want control of someone else? Do they want control of you?

  • accepting responsibility for our own happiness - no matter what the other partner/friend/associate is doing.

Remember, progress in this area may be slow, since Saturn takes its time to make sure we REALLY GET IT. Saturn is all about taking personal responsibility for our own lessons. Saturn says "Look, here's the hard stuff. Get in there and get to it!" And careful -- since its Saturn (also known as the Big Sourpuss), we may find ourselves getting awfully touchy and/or devoid of a funny bone around these Libran Lessons.

Don't be scared of Saturn in Libra. For some, this will bring wonderful clarity about love relationships and partners. It's a chance to really get down to brass tacks and learn what makes you tick in relationships, units, double-acts, friendships, or partnerships of any kind. Some may be guided to end marriages or relationships during this period. If this happens, that's the work of Saturn, teaching you what can or cannot sustain for the long haul -- and what can, by bringing in new chances for love, friendship, or union. Saturn is all about lessons that are well learned, sturdy, and built to last!

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