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Friday, September 3, 2010

New Moon in Virgo on Sept 8th

Last night in class, we discussed the upcoming New Moon in Virgo on Sept 8th. It goes into effect early that morning, at around 5:53 AM.(Manifesting the night before will be just fine. No need to get up that early.)

As you may have read before here and here, the new moon opens doors, while full moons close them.

If you want to manifest using the energy of the New Moon in Virgo, it's a great time to focus on
  • issues surrounding clarity and organization (ex: "I want to easily find myself organizing my office.")
  • issues surrounding physical health and the mind body connection (One of the things that Virgo does very well is highlight areas and connections between your mind, body, and spirit that are not working - in order to show you how to improve it.)
  • work and career issues
  • your own tendency to nitpick your life or the lives of others
  • editing and writing; schoolwork (Virgo is the sign of the student and writer/editor.)
  • creating healthy routines (For some people, this means creating a schedule out of chaos, for others it means taking personal time to relax.)

Here's a list of key words to work with.

















good health

strong body

clear intent

looking at what is right, rather than what is wrong

exchanging worry for relaxation

lower stomach healing (Parts of the body that deal with bowel movements and stomach issues)

The New Moon in Virgo is an open gateway, as are all New Moons - and since we're also in Retrograde til the 12th (more about that here), this period, thanks to Retrograde, will actually, according to astrologer Robert Wilkenson, will actually stabilize us, forcing us to make choices that will improve and stabilize the overall picture, even if it does not remotely seem that way. Here's the good thing about all of this Virgo energy - wherever Mercury ruled signs (Gemini or Virgo) fall in your chart is where you will see the influx of ideas that may lead to publishing, communication, and writing opportunities.

Thanks for reading. I was thinking today, as I work with Happy Ganesh and watch it (and myself in relation to my business and work) grow and change, how lucky I am that I can wake up, do this, and be supported.

Til next time,


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Last week, starting on August 24, the Full Moon was in Pisces. What's that about? Well, forget about it being opposite the Virgo Retro (messing up electronics and communication until 9/12!), the Full Moon in Pisces was a whole bag of wax all by itself.

Full Moons end cycles. It's the cosmos closing the door on a chapter of your life. If you know where Pisces is in your chart, that is likely where you felt the effect. (If you're curious about your chart, go to for free charts or contact me here for a proper, full length astrology reading.)

To use the same idea we used with the New Moon, here are some themes or issues that may have been closed out.


anything to do with a certain kind of dream or spirituality

religious ideas

the ocean

the beach

psychic concepts


I had one client ask me in horror, "So the Full Moon in Pisces takes away dreams?" No, no, no. It just means that a certain type of dream or Piscean-themed issue may not be working for you anymore, and the universe will remove it for a time. For example, I had a client with Pisces in her 2nd house of money realize that a certain way of dealing with her finances was not working anymore. The kicker? The client's money was tied up in a beach front condo. Very Pisces! (And very Full Moon in Pisces.)

The Full Moon in Pisces also highlights mysteries, depth, and keen imagination. Did you feel keenly emotional about the mysteries of life, daydreaming or spirituality? Then you were feeling the effects of the Piscean Full Moon.

Next time, we'll talk about the New Moon in Virgo.  The Manifestation class preparing for that

will be on Thursday, 9/2 at 7:45 PM at Modern Zen and the actual New Moon in Virgo will happen on Sept 8th 2010.

Just a reminder = that there will be no class (and no blog update) the week of 9/9. Classes will resume the following Thursday and so will updates!


Here's the most recent Blazing Blog with Bob Decker - man, do we ever have fun.

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