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Monday, October 10, 2011

Full Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra

Tomorrow, the Full Moon in Aries will hit at around 10 pm, and last for around 2.5 days.

We've got a few interesting things going on here.
1) The Sun (identity) is in Libra
2) Saturn is still in Libra until the fall of 2012
3) The Full Moon in Aries asks us where are WE in relationships. Where do we fit in?

The start of the month asked us to manifest peaceful relationships. Saturn continues to ask us "What mature lessons are we learning?" The Full Moon in Aries wants what it wants. It asks you to feel the fiery, passionate, let's-do-it-now gasbag of feeling. This is a little bit like having part of our nature that will want peace and harmony (Sun Libra), the other part will want what it wants right the f*** now (Moon Aries), and the wise, old teacher in the corner (Saturn in Libra) asking us to make wise, long-term decisions. This Full Moon is going to ask us to focus on the self, in lieu of other "peace-making" chances and ask us to remember where we are, to not give ourselves up for the sake of Sun Libra peace and harmony. The Full Moon in Aries is also going to encourage us to make fast, quick changes - and the Saturn Libra (til 2012) will encourage us to be that image of the wise old teacher to ourselves.

This is the culmination of the Sun/Moon Libra (New Moon) at the start of the month.

The Aries Full Moon asks you if you have the COURAGE, WILL, AND WARRIOR SPIRIT to follow through with the Libra New Moon of PEACE, BALANCE, AND LOGIC.

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