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Friday, March 4, 2011

New Moon in Pisces

Last night we experienced a New Moon in Pisces and we'll be feeling the affects of it until tomorrow night. You can use this moon to manifest

  • clearer dreams

  • stronger intuition

  • compassion for yourself and for others

  • a clearer spiritual path

  • taking better care of your feet (Pisces rules the feet)

  • helping someone without expecting in return

  • identifying savior/victim dynamics

  • creating healthy spiritual routines

To manifest with this moon, choose a light blue candle.

Key Pisces concepts or words to work with are

  • compassion

  • dreams

  • intuition

  • imagination

  • sacrifice

  • saviors

  • victims

  • your inner life

Enjoy working with the Pisces moon!

Image By: Shudrbug