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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Big Move - Reposted from Happy Ganesh Writing!

(Reposted from Happy Ganesh's Writing Wonderland!)
Boy howdy, do we have big news. Do we ever!

MHC's Writing Wonderland is the writing side of my business Happy Ganesh.

On August 24, 2011, will launch a BRAND NEW SITE, featuring fun stuff like

  • gorgeous new look
  • free videos about writing!
  • bookstore
  • a complete list of blogs and publications
  • a merch store and more!

Here's our new banner. 

Best of all? We've got a newsletter that can give you info about both sides of Happy Ganesh - either this blog (astrology) or the second blog all about writing. (Want to get both blogs to your inbox? Sign up by email on either blog . To info about ALL things Happy Ganesh, go to the main site on 8/24 and sign up for our newsletter!

Our QR Code
We're so excited that we forgot how to punctuate correctly and started writing words IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS. That's what happens when we totally forget ourselves. 

Once again, (the new, uber-exciting version will be up on 8/24! Yeah!)

Check it out.