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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Manifestation Station: The Comedy Weekend Edition

A special Manifestation Station video.

Here's British comedian Stephen Fry, best known for his comedy duo "A Bit of Fry and Laurie, with House's Hugh Laurie, discussing "How to Be Gorgeous." As Mr. Fry humorously states, the key is to Being Gorgeous is "believing in your own gorgeousness, tremulously at first, and then with mounting heat and passion."

Indeed. Take it away, Mr. Fry. Tell us all about the link between belief and transforming your reality.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fun: The "Fiver" List

[caption id="attachment_132" align="alignleft" width="300" caption=""Fiver" Lists: The Power of Self Expression in Miniature Form!"][/caption]

Lists. Most people make grocery lists or "To Do" lists. Some people make "honey do" lists. Lists can be a great way to take stock of different areas of your life - and for those of us who may not have the time to write more or who want to write but aren't sure how to start, it's a great, fast way of expressing ourselves. Also, the focus you put into writing helps you focus on other areas of your life - it's a big manifestation key.

I created something I am having a lot of FUN with and I'd like to invite you to join me! See below.

Step 1: Devote five minutes to YOU: Oh, you know you can. I know you can. Even if you're busy with kids and partners and laundry and the Full Stress of the Universe, you know you can take five minutes (that's only 300 seconds) to try this. If you can do more, wonderful.

Step 2: Find paper and a pen: Pretty simple so far. I find journals are better because they help create space to get in the habit of writing more...and more...and more. :D

Step 3: Sit and breathe: In for a count of five, out for a count of five.

Step 4: Find a category and write five things on your paper.

Sometimes these lists are small and fun. Sometimes they are more intense and serious.

Some sample "Fiver" lists might be:

Five Things I Enjoyed About Today

Five Things That Are On My Desk At Work

Five Feelings I Have When I Interact With ____

Five Ways My Body Shows Me I Am Upset or Angry

Five Fears I Have About _____.

Five Things I Can Do To Take Care of Myself

Five Reasons I Am Glad I Am Writing

Step 5: Enjoy the tiny act of writing down how you feel. For only five minutes, something this small can turn your entire day around. I find that, when I don't want to write pages on how I am feeling (or for those of us who are new to writing), the organization of the "simple five" helps me to get things out in fun, bite-sized little bursts.

Here's two samples of my "Fivers", a slightly serious one and a more silly one.

Five Signs My Body Is Trying to Tell Me That I Need More Rest

  1. I feel tired.

  2. My body feels "thirsty."

  3. My tummy feels clogged.

  4. I have a headache

  5. I need to stretch

Five Things I Like About Taking The Time For a Bath.

  1. Looking at the cabinet that I painted white.

  2. Realizing how much one change to a room can change my feelings about it.

  3. Smelling the sage and candles that I've lit.

  4. How new everything feels. Hello, washing off the day and spending quiet time with my thoughts.

  5. Rubber Ducky, you're the one!

Enjoy your Fivers and enjoy creating them - and feel free to share yours on the Happy Ganesh Facebook Page! I'd love to hear them!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Inspire Team. Like the Beatles without guitars and with inspiration

Tonight, April Claxton, CEO of The Movement Within (published author, and all around cool gal) welcomed me and fellow INSPIRE TEAM member Debbie Nutile (certified nutritionist and author) to The Movement Within Radio! To hear the show, click here!

The Inspire Team also consists of April K and Alisa Kalina, whose awesome FREE ADVICE COLUMN can be seen by clicking on her name!)

A word about the Inspire Team -- what I love about this project is that all of these women have independent businesses - and we're all united in The Movement Within platform. Every last one of us has independent talents and webpages. And we're all here, together.

Dance with the universe. Please. It wants to dance with you. We talked about this. Oh, do, please listen. It was fun and it rocked. Stuff moved. I danced.

Happy Ganesh, who loooooves to dance, was dancing throughout my house.

  • My poem, "Debby's Birthday" about the cancer journey and my caregiving experiences, came up for discussion. It was originally published in Summer 2009. To read it, click here.

  • Manifestation and how it relates to weight loss and how to keep it off. Debbie talked about this and I was ASTOUNDED to find the links between manifestation (which I teach classes in) and weight loss. She introduced fantastic concepts during the show that I never thought of. We also touched upon "Women, Food and God" by Geneen Roth - such an interesting book.

  • My personal "Debby Theory" -- I know I'm getting a message from my mother when I run into a "Debby." It happens every single time I'm working a community event.  (Blog post about miracles and mom, coming soon.)

  • I go into some detail about the 13th sign astrology mess. Click here to learn more.

Some other important things discussed?
  • Gilda's Club - I've been blessed to work very closely with this wonderful organization. Named for Gilda Radner, this cancer support group is a wonderful, nurturing place. If you or someone you know has cancer and needs emotional, physical and spiritual help, please check them out. They are nothing but gorgeous.
  • Sandra's Walk - Discussed in the chat room, please check out this page. It's about recovery and the recovery community and it's truly an amazing site. Buy the necklaces to support Sandra's Walk!

Thank you for listening and being a part of Happy Ganesh!!! The more you support, the more we all connect.