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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Writing Wednesdays (late): The Poetry Reading

[caption id="attachment_203" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Tricking the Goddess "][/caption]

Tonight, I read from my soon-to-be-published poetry collection, Tricking the Goddess. I was joined by two other delightful poets, my good friend Dr. Kristin Berkey-Abbott (author of Whistling Past the Graveyard and I Stand Here Shredding Documents) and Shefali Chokski (Frontier Literature).

For those who could not make it out tonight, we'll be reading at Books and Books at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art on August 4th at 6 pm.


[caption id="attachment_202" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Reading from Tricking the Goddess"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_201" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Hollywood Vine (and me)"][/caption]

There's something amazingly rewarding about reading your own work to a crowd of appreciative people.

Tricking the Goddess is on the hunt for a publisher before the August date! When it is due out, I'll post here about it. :)

Here's text from the promo flier, including some blurbs from Edmund Skellings, the Poet Laureate of Florida and Dr. Berkey-Abbott.


About Marissa Cohen and Tricking the Goddess

“[Cohen’s work is] powerful, both intellectually and emotionally.”

– Edmund Skellings, Poet Laureate of Florida

“The reader may feel some guilt, because Cohen's poems are so imaginative, such an enjoyable treat, even in the face of such sadness. It's a comfort to know that we have Cohen's poems as a guide to navigating the unfamiliar terrain [of loss].”

--  Kristin Berkey-Abbott, author of I Stand Here Shredding Documents and Whistling Past the Graveyard

In Tricking the Goddess, Cohen writes with dark humor and vulnerability about the aftermath of her mother’s death. In her new life, spirits unexpectedly speak and old friends help her find faith. What will it take to return from “Cancerland”? Cohen explores themes of loss, change, and empowerment in this soon-to-be-published collection.

Marissa Cohen uses her fiction, poetry, and nonfiction to explore women’s creative and spiritual experiences. In 2003, she received the Letters Honorarium from the National League of American Pen Women. She has worked for numerous publications, including the award-winning Bella Books, the Sun-Sentinel, and the Palm Beach Arts Paper. She also regularly contributes to She Magazine with her book review column “On the Shelves.” Also a professional astrologer and intuitive, Cohen is the president and founder of, where she regularly writes about astrology and the transformative power of creative writing. She lives in Florida. For more information about Marissa, please visit


I'm off to dream of books.

Til next time,


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mars in Taurus (and CBS Radio Goodness!)

[caption id="attachment_199" align="aligncenter" width="247" caption="HG's poetry reading -- and a Mars in Taurus are on the way! (The talented Nick Moore over at created this of Ganesh reading a book.)"][/caption]

What with the working on the upcoming poetry reading at Hollywood Vine (5/11, 7 pm) and the upcoming radio show on (5/18, 6:30 pm), things have been hopping. That's right -- the live Happy Ganesh Blogtalk Show will air May 18 at 6:30 pm on! Get your questions ready! We'll be taking live, on-air questions about publishing, writing, astrology, or intuitive services. Wondering where to go from here in your book -- or in life? Give us a shout during the May 18 kickoff!

Plus, our CBS RADIO SPOT RAN TONIGHT on April Claxton's The Movement Within on over at CBS The Sky Radio. I'll be posting the commercial by itself shortly, but in the meantime, do listen to April's fantastic show. Tonight she interviewed radio personality and author of Beyond the Pews, Jillian Maas Backman.

Mars in Taurus

And we're looking at a Mars in Taurus this week. On May 11, Mars, the planet of motivation and life force moves from direct, passionate Aries into slow, steady Taurus. The things begun quickly with Mars in Aries will have time to grow and florish under the grounding influence of Taurus Taurus grounds. Taurus takes its dear sweet time to get moving - and Taurus plans every step. This is a month long transit.

People will major planets in Taurus (Taurus Sun, Taurus Rising) will feel especially motivated (but in a secure and grounded way).

Where does this hit you and how does it affect your personal chart?

Taurus: If you have Taurus in your 1st house (Taurus Sun or Taurus Rising), expect this next month's Mars in Taurus to make you more confident or get you going. A transiting Mars (Taurus) plugging into your Taurus 1st house lights you up like Times Square.

Aries:  Taurus is in your 2nd house of money and finances. This Mars in Taurus transit  brings action and movement to your second house. This is a great time to move ahead with money negotiations or to apply for a job, or do anything to increase your financial power.

Pisces: Taurus is in your 3rd house of communication. Blaze a Taurus style trail for the next month. Transiting Mars Taurus will set up shop in this part of your chart for the next month. Begone, writer's block!

Aquarius: Taurus is in your 4th house of home. The transiting Taurus Mars will bring movement - and perhaps some disagreement to your 4th house of home and family.

Capricorn:  Taurus is in your 5th house of love and creativity. Yum. Blazing a Taurus-style trail in your creative or romantic love. Relationships with artistic children may surface during this time.

Sagittarius: Taurus is in your 6th house of work. The Mars Taurus transit will blaze and move you through your career.

Scorpio: Taurus in the 7th house of partnerships and open enemies? Hot partnerships (stable ones too, thanks to Taurus) making themselves known, perhaps partnerships that can help you to be financially stable as well. However, watch out for some fighting about money with the "others" in your life.

Libra: Taurus falls in the 8th house of sex, death, and other people's money. A transiting Taurus Mars falling into your 8th house may entwine sex and death and loans with swift movement.

Virgo: Taurus in the 9th house of travel and school brings movement and new growth to educational issues.

Leo: Taurus in your 10th house of career will interact with this Mars Transit by speeding up things to do with your career path. This is a great time to get your career moving because Mars energy will link up with your 10th house.

Cancer: Taurus in your 11th house of friendship and groups will interact with this Mars Transit by producing some blazing good times with good friends.

Gemini: Taurus in your 12th house of secrets and dreams will interact with this transiting Mars in Taurus by, frankly, taking a little bit of a snooze. The 12th house always holds secrets and things held back from your subconcious, so with a transiting Mars sitting in your 12th house, it may feel like an explosion of information or learning secrets that you didn't know were lurking. The good news? You'll be able to use all that to your advantage when Mars moves into Gemini in about a month.

Remember, this is only one slice of the current astrological pie. Do you want to know how the rest of your chart works with this transit? Do you want to book an astrology or intuitive session? How about a creative consulting or editing session?

If you want to read what others have thought about a Happy Ganesh reading, see the rave reviews here.

Or have questions? Contact me. I'd love to help out.

Til next time,