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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Fridays: More like a Full Moon in Libra Friday.

[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Full Moon in Libra on 4/17"][/caption]

What's a New Moon? What's a Full Moon?

The Full Moon closes out the energy of the month and asks us if we have what it takes, where as New Moon energy (always at the start of the month) opens the energy and give us a chance to manifest.

Right now, the Full Moon will be going into Libra on April 17. Our New Moon opened the month in Aries. Our last New Moon was in Aries, encouraging us to manifest Aries skills: aggression, bravery, independence  (though other factors may have encouraged us to wait on it).

See below. The key words are in black.

ARIES Sun INTENDS to bring bravery and assertiveness to situations.

Aries New Moon (earlier this month) longed to MANIFEST these qualities.

Libra (Full) Moon longs to bring relationship skills and diplomacy to CONCLUDE a situation.

As I wrote in a previous post, “Full Moons provide the template for these wishes and dreams. Full Moons dare us to see if we reaaally have the guts and the power to make good on our manifestations. They give us support.”

Now, the Full Moon in Libra(4/17) asks us if we’re able to balance the scales enough  (Libra traits)  to manifest our strength and independence (Aries Sun traits).

Creating a balance between Aries/Libra elements is important in the next 2.5 days. This may mean that fueled by the several major planets in Aries currently, we have a chance to go back into or rebuild an existing relationship, but thanks to all the Aries energy, we're reminded to not give up ourselves. Also, Aries gives us a wonderful new power - a reminder that we are truly recreating from the ground up. Aries is about new growth, so we can maniest new situations in relationships.

As one of my all time favorite astrologers Molly Hall of said:

"The Libra Full Moon in ordinary times might be one to celebrate all things artful and harmonious. It's a peak when the instinct to balance out relationships is strong. But this is also an extraordinary time of choice. We can re-create the old dramas, but with dangerous intensity. Or we can choose to see the blank canvas, and our freedom to draw forth new possibilities."

So well said, Molly.

What a powerful idea - and I think that notion of deciding to recreate or create the old dramas, or allowing yourself to rebuild is a perfect example of the transformative power of our human process. Because of all the Aries energy that is around (Sun, Mercury, Uranus) we're going to want to change and change now. It's raw and it's fast and this energy can leave us aching to go into the New and Unknown. Use the power of this Full Moon in Libra to manifest and move forward, egged on by all the Aries planets. (Also, of course, remember that Mercury in Retro is still in effect, so any communication may be wrinkly until two weeks after April 23, the final date of Retrograde.

ASTRO HINT: If you know your chart, find where Aries falls in your chart. If your rising/ascendent sign is in Gemini, Aries will be in your 11th house of friends. Also find where Libra falls naturally in your chart. If, for example, your rising sign is Gemini, Libra will fall in your 5th house of love and children. How will you be impacted by the Sun in Aries/Full Moon in Libra opposition? Look to your chart.

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Have a great weekend!

- M

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Writing Wednesdays (a day late!): How To Keep Going Once You've Begun

[caption id="attachment_152" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="You get to here (published books) by figuring out how to unblock your pen."][/caption]

We missed our Monday and Wednesday post due to some schedule conflicts (heat exhaustion... and the official creation of the CBS RADIO SPOT!) but no worries. My body temperature is back to normal. I've created a radio spot. The day was a success.

All is fine and we're back. And now on to our regularly scheduled, if somewhat late post.

How to Keep Writing Once You've Begun

You're stuck. There's no getting around it.

Your novel/essay/research paper has jelled into a ball. It was flowing and going. And now? It's stopped. Panic sets in.

Similar to Elizabeth Kubler Ross's grief stages, we've got the writing stages.

Stage One: Excitement: You wake up, your heart pounding. Every idea seems golden and will make you a mint (or give you an A).

Stage Two:  Creative Flow: You've been pounding away at your computer or scribbling away in your notebook. It's all moving at an amazing pace. Ideas are flowing from your pen.

Stage Three: The Roadblock: We all hit it. This is the part where your character or plot just winds down. You planned for Little Jane or Johnny to walk to the right. He or she goes to the left. You try a little harder for your character to do what you want. Your book (or paper) rebels. Everything digs its feet into the mud.

Here's where we come in.

How do you get out of Stage 3?

Here's a list of time honored Writing Block Breakers

  1. Step away from the computer screen: Sometimes staring anxiously into the monitor just creates more panic. All those words. You're wasting time. Deadline is approaching! Go for a walk. Take twenty minutes and focus on the feeling of your body moving. Relax. Usually, once you've helped your body to relax, your mind will follow suit and you can return to your desk with a fresh perspective.

  2. Stretch: Never underestimate the power of movement. Stand up, plant your bare feet and lift your hands above your head. Breathe. Repeat five times. Sit back down.

  3. Believe. There is no substitute for straight-up belief. As we talked about here, no one else will take over your body and believe for you. You must believe all on your own. But, I'm here to help with inspiration (for the post on YAWP and self-belief, go here)

Still blocked? Then contact us and set up a writing consultant appointment.