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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jupiter in Taurus goes Retrograde Today Until Christmas!

Taurus the Bull (Frozen, Like Retro)

Today, Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in Taurus (planet of beauty, slow growth, and sensuality) goes Retrograde (backwards) until Christmas day. What does this mean for you?

First of all, Retrograde gets a bad rap. It's during Mercury in Retrograde that we're used to communication blowouts, computer explosions, and relationship/friendship confusion. It's during Venus Retro that we can expect love to sllooooow down. But really, all Retro does is put a specific planet into hibernation for a while - all the energy is there, but it's just gone for a nap.

However, here's what is nice about a Jupiter Retrograde: it's still lucky. Jupiter is the planet of luck so astounding you cannot believe it. It's Santa Claus bringing unexpected presents. It's international and/or expansive. Having a transit or natal chart planet in Jupiter is like watching that area of your life get blown up with a helium pump! Bigger, faster, more fun than ever! Jupiter is also the ruling planet of Sagittarius, one of the most spiritual, belief-oriented signs of the zodiac, so when Jupiter is in Retrograde we start to take that global spiritual perspective back into ourselves, making ourselves our own compasses.

Retrogrades ask us to please keep it a little bit quiet, to reflect, to get clear on our motivations. Maybe no big stage shows until Christmas, but it will ask you to allow the universe to slow you down a little. It's like an automatic reset -- things getting too intense? "No problem", says the universe. "We'll go into Retro." What can you watch for?

  • money issues from the past (Retro rules the past) in flux until Christmas
  • financial concerns from the past being slowly fixed behind the scenes
  • back up your values, stand up for your belief system within yourself 
  • focus on internal strength and values (there's that word again!)
  • .....and less on the outer trappings of "luck"

Around Christmas, we'll be able to move ahead feeling financially stronger and more spiritually connected, which will be wonderful. Right now, we're being asked to replenish our own inner core with Taurus principals (money, values, belief systems). Be patient, ground into your personal values and build from the inside out. It doesn't matter who is watching.

Image:  Enygmatic-Halycon