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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Moon - and Eclipse! - in Gemini

[caption id="attachment_207" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="Gemini Eclipses and New Moons! (And no Bella or Edward in sight!)"][/caption]

Well, not only is this title very reminicent of those Stephanie Meyers books (Eclipse and New Moon, thank you very much), but there's a lot going on tomorrow in astrology.

First, an announcement -- due to my own eclipse-style life changes, the radio show is suspended until further notice. However, you can always hear our radio spot on CBS Radio, every Monday night at 6 pm!

We've got a New Moon and an Eclipse coming our way! The New Moon in Gemini will bring us a new chance to manifest. As always, a New Moon is when we've got a Sun in Gemini and a Moon in Gemini. New Moons open the door for the month and for possiblities for creation. We're being asked to create Gemini energy and we'll have specific luck in any of the following Gemini themed areas

  • writing

  • double lives (or two parts of your personality coming together)

  • curiosity

  • learning

  • short distance travel

  • intelligence

  • teaching

  • humor

  • areas around healing with words

  • healing your hands - or being gentle with your hands (Gemini rules hands)

  • healing any doubts you may have about your communication skills

And - here's the biggie - this New Moon is also happening on the same night as a major solar eclipse in Gemini. Wherever you have Gemini in your chart is where you're going to feel fantastic changes starting to move your life. Eclipses are RAW POWER, baby. They change things and shake it up. Here's what else is going on. With Gemini in both Sun and Moon we're being guided throughout this process to see and feel clearly around issues that are Gemini in nature (social, writing, travel). We're also trine to Saturn in Libra, which says to me that we're going to actually get some help from the places we've been limited in the past. It is also sextile (friendly next door neighbors) to Uranus in Aries, the planet of change. Eclipses are a very, very big deal. They close doors and then open windows - they give us massive changes into new ways of life.

Another one of my favorite web astrologers, astrogrrl had this to say: "How has 2011 been for you so far? How much of it is what might have planned or expected? What of it are complete surprises or interesting turn of events?"

Here's some astrology Mad Libs for this one. If you want to get a free chart, go to or If you'd like to contact me for a personal reading, go here. I'm at your service.

Here's your Astrological Mad Libs:

For the New Moon and Eclipse in Gemini, I will feel a renewal (New Moon) and big shift (Eclipse) in the areas of.......

Gemini 1st house? Self perception

Gemini in the 2nd house? Money issues.

Gemini in the 3rd? Communication or writing abilities.

Gemini in the 4th? Home and Family

Gemini in the 5th? Love and children

Gemini in the 6th? Health and work

Gemini in the 7th? Relationships, open enemies, and the "other" in relationships

Gemini in the 8th? Sex, death, money that you inherit or receive, tax money, debt money, loan money

Gemini in the 9th? Philosophy and travel

Gemini in the 10th? Career path

Gemini  in the 11th? Friends and group associations

Gemini in the 12th? Secrets and spiritual connections such as dreams


No matter where the eclipse falls in your chart, expect changes of a transformative nature.