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Friday, March 18, 2011

Full Moon in Virgo on 3/19

Wow, this just adds to the wild roller coaster of astro happenings.

We've had Uranus (the planet of unexpected change) move off of Pisces and into Aries, where it will stay for the next 8/9 years. To read my previous article on that, click here.

Pluto is still in Capricorn, shaking up status quo.

Our Full Moon in Virgo closes out the energy of the month and asks us if we have what it takes, where as New Moon energy (always at the start of the month) opens the energy and give us a chance to manifest.

The effect of the full moon – or any moon at all – lasts for just about two-and-a-half days. I’ve written about New Moons and their pure manifestation power (our last New Moon was in Pisces, encouraging us to manifest Piscean skills: compassion, spirituality, and imagination, mass healing on a grand scale. Another astrologer wrote in her blog that "the Virgo Moon longs to be of service" while the Pisces Sun just wants to heal and talk to spirits and feel compassion.

This particular Full Moon is also a Supermoon. What's a Supermoon? Tomorrow, the moon will be the closest it has been to Earth in 18 years - a lunar perigee. Read more about it here. Interestingly enough, astrologer Robert Noll stated that the Supermoon can, about two weeks prior to its date, cause earthquakes. While disputed that here, I still find that to be slightly chilling and amazing to me, as I think about the recent Japan disaster.

Whether or not the Supermoon is "responsible" for the recent disasters in Japan, I think the most important thing to come out of this Sun in Pisces/Full Moon in Virgo dynamic is learning how to work with our Sun Pisces compassion in a practical Moon in Virgo way.

See below. The key words are in black.

Pisces Sun INTENDS to bring compassion and healing to situations.

Pisces New Moon (earlier this month) longed to MANIFEST compassion and healing.

Virgo (Full) Moon longs to bring practical know-how to CONCLUDE a situation.

Do we merely pray about it or do we combine Pisces compassion with Virgo practicality?) This configuration reminds us to blend our hearts with our ability to create results through work (Virgo). So while praying for Japan and the millions of people affected is wonderful (and a very Pisces thing to do), according to this dynamic, we may also want to see about donating to that area of the world - and letting the current Virgo moon direct our path of compassion.

As I wrote in a previous post, "Full Moons provide the template for these wishes and dreams. Full Moons dare us to see if we reaaally have the guts and the power to make good on our manifestations. They give us support."

Now, the Full Moon in Virgo (3/19) asks us if we’re CLEAR (Virgo key word) and PRACTICAL (Virgo key word) enough to manifest our DREAMS AND COMPASSION, not just in aid to Japan but in all walks of our lives.

Creating a balance between Piscean/Virgo elements is important in the next 2.5 days. In other words, finding a way to allow our current Pisces Sun (our will) to interact with our Moon in Virgo (emotional need) will mean balancing the need for both compassion and imagination (Pisces Sun) and practical, technical know-how (Virgo Moon).

We will have felt this for about two weeks before the full moon (usually the first half of the month, between the New Moon and the Full Moon).

{So, if you have a Sun or Rising in Gemini, for the last two weeks you'll have felt the affects of this in your 4th house of home and family. So you'll be thinking about how to improve your home or family relationships, and will have be drawn to improve your home life during this two week full moon cycle.}

Astro Manifestation Mad Lib

Are you _____ (Virgo word) enough to manifest your dreams of _____ (Pisces word).

Some examples might be

Are you DETAILED enough to manifest your dreams of DIVINE LOVE AND HEALING?
Are you PRACTICAL enough to manifest your dreams of BEING A HEALER?
Are you CLEAR enough to manifest your dreams of IMAGINATION?

If you know your chart, look at where your Pisces and Virgo planets fall. That's where you'll feel this New/Full Moon shift.

I wish you all clear Full Moon intention and Virgo power on this powerful Supermoon weekend.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blazing Blog!

As many of you know, I am a weekly co-host at Bob's Blazing Tarot Blog. Bob Decker, the host, is a fantastic reader and certified hypnotist.

In the latest episode, I discuss Uranus in Aries. (You can also read my post about Uranus in Aries.)


To see the complete list of Blazing Blogs, please go here.

The Debby Connection (and Writing Prompts)

[caption id="attachment_163" align="alignleft" width="231" caption="Pencil Sketch of mom Debby, done by my father in 1976"][/caption]


My mother's name was Deborah. When she died of cancer in 2007, she left me some of her precious books, among them Gibran's The Prophet and a well worn copy of Creative Visualization.

Over the years, my dead mother has shown herself to me in odd ways. Every time I do a professional event for the spiritual and intuitive side of Happy Ganesh , always and without fail the first person that I meet is named Debby, usually Deborah.


(At the last event I did, I found myself talking to two young women who were both "daughters of Debby." Predictably, their mothers spelled their names Deborah. I was not surprised.)

The day I moved into my office space, her favorite song was playing on the radio.

When I questioned a rocky relationship, I opened a book to a handwritten note of mom's, scrawled on an aging yellow sticky note, which read: "It matters how we treat the people we love every day, not just on holidays."

Recently, I wasn't sure how to proceed with certain career goals. I'd been looking for - and found - mom's copy of Creative Visualization, a book published in 1978, years before The Secret and Esther Hicks's work came to fame. Since I teach visualization and manifestation, I'd been looking for that particular book, never dreaming that it survived the book purges to Goodwill. But it had. I was fearful about my career, feeling worried, wondering how I would keep my head above water. And it was in that place of fearfulness that I opened the book, looking again for answers from my mother. Another one of her sticky notes, tumbled to the floor, all the glue long since gone. When I picked it up, it read - in her backhanded, rounded print, "To thine own self be true." Amazingly, she'd drawn a small heart after the words.

When I have questions for her, things that only a mother could answer, she seems to collect herself across the gap between life and death to just show up. It's pretty amazing.

Sleepless a few nights ago, I pulled another book of hers off my shelf. God, Sex, and Women of the Bible by Shoni Labowitz, a feminist rabbi. (My mom was pretty cool, I have to say. I feel lucky to have had a mother who read stuff like this - and who shared it with me!) Sometimes I ask books what I need to know, as if their wisdom will help me find answers. I asked this particular book. I opened at random - of course - to the Deborah chapter.

Color me unsurprised.

I've been wondering about, among other things, career improvement. Crossroads. What do I do? That's what I asked. The book "answered" "Once you have discerned what you want and it feels right in your soul, then ask: What do I need to do to get what I want? Then go for it! Passion moves a woman like nothing else can."

That's her way of reaching me. She knows that books are one of my favorite escapes and it makes me happy to know that she will show up in that favorite place of mine, to give me faith.

Writing Prompts

What gives you unexpected faith?

What phenomenon answers your prayers/wishes/dreams?

Have you had experiences where you believed (or in some cases, flat out knew) that your deceased loved one had come back to help or support you?


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