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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on June 15!

We're heading into a double set of energy -- a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sag (at 25 degrees, starting around 1:12 pm tomorrow.)
  • The Full Moon in Sagittarius: As always, Full Moons close out the manifestation stages opened in the New Moon in Gemini. My regular readers will remember that I often compare the New Moon to opening a cosmic door and the Full Moon to closing a door, or being active about the goals/manifestations. With a Full Moon in Sag, our sense of the larger picture may be challenged. We may not be able to see the garden for the flower - and we may have no idea how we'll  get to There from Here. (The key is to listen to your heart.) Typical questions asked during this kind of Sag energy are philosophical -- as if you're being asked to walk in a strange landscape.
  • Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Lunar energy is all about trusting your emotions (and since it's Lunar, signifigant relationships with women may end or take on a transformative nature). Ties may be cut or relationships may change, depending on where Sag hits your chart.


If you have Sag in your _________ house, it's like that part being lit up with neon signs, making it very important for this time.

Astrology Mad Libs

I have Sag in my _____ house which means I'll experience possible endings and renewals around the areas of ________.

For example

I have Sagittarius in A) my 1st house, which means I'll experience possible endings and renewals in the areas of B) Self perception.

Plug in the stems below

A                                          B

Sag in the 2nd house         Money issues.

Sag in the 3rd?                      Communication or writing abilities.

Sag in the 4th?                           Home and Family

Sag in the 5th?                          Love and children

Sag in the 6th?                         Health and work

Sag in the 7th?                        Relationships, open enemies, and the “other” in relationships

Sag in the 8th?                     Sex, death, money that you inherit or receive, tax money, debt                                                            money, loan money

Sag in the 9th?                      Philosophy and travel

Sag in the 10th?                    Career path

Sag  in the 11th?                      Friends and group associations

Sag in the 12th?                     Secrets and spiritual connections such as dreams. Giving                                                                 your time and energy to this area of your life will align yourself                                                         more powerfully.

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Photo Credit: By Jacopo Montano (Creative Commons)