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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving - New Moon, Mercury in Retro, and a Solar Eclipse!

Dear friends,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope the long Thanksgiving Day weekend brings each and every one of you a chance to reflect, rest, and recharge.

This is a perfect time to really get into the spirit of the holiday. You could

* make a gratitude list
* call a friend
* take the time to really be present in your life
*unwind and recharge

Astrologically, things are heating up. On Friday, the New Moon goes into bright and clear, spiritually oriented Sagittarius. It's our time to manifest Sag-style wishes such as:

* kindred spirits
* religious or philosophical answers
* a dedication to the truth
* getting excited and working toward the BIG PICTURE, as opposed to the small details
What Else Is Going On?
Just in time for the New Moon, we also hit the Solar Eclipse in Sag as well, bringing major changes. Since Sagittarius is a positive, hopeful sign, consider this New Moon/Eclipse double the energy, double the fun. Plus, toss in the Mercury in Retrograde in Sag from Thanksgiving Day until Dec 14th, and be sure to double check emails and communication skills.
Solar Eclipses are known to:
* dislodge situations that aren't working
* clear the path for new and fresh starts
* remove the "pothole" from your path
* clean house in a major way
* force "fate" to get involved - things happen for reasons you can't imagine

Retrograde Cycles are known to:
* confuse communication or create technological issues
* force you to be very clear about travel issues
* bring old friends or lovers back for resolution

While the Mercury in Sag is squaring off to Mars, we may see areas where the communication (and dreams of communication) don't quite match the reality of the day to day grind (Mars) yet. That's ok - just keep chugging along, making allowances for Retro snafus.

Overall, this is a powerful time for us - a time to clean house, be thankful and move forward as we get closer to 2012.

All my best and a Happy Thanksgiving!