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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Well, it's been a while, admittedly. My trip to San Fran was wonderful - and when I came back my computer was not working. That's why I've had a low profile for the last three weeks. But now, I'm back and all things Happy Ganesh are ready and waiting.

Happy Ganesh Turns One!!!

This is the biggie. On October 9th, HG turns one! Happy  Birthday, Happy Ganesh!!! To your left is one of our very  favorite photos of Ganesh. Ganesh, the smasher of obstacles,  the God of writing and joy, and our mascot also a birthday  boy. (Birthday God?)

Anyhow, Happy Ganesh is very excited to be celebrating his first birthday . He is also very excited to be sharing his birthday with Beatle John Lennon

Imagine...what wonderful, soul-healing joy Happy Ganesh will get up to for his first birthday. If pictures are leaked on the internet, of Happy Ganesh covered from head to toe in cake while jamming to "Strawberry Fields", well, that's just how HG rolls.

He'd like to thank you for coming to the party for the last year. In thanks, watch for some very special sales on Friday October 8 and Saturday October 9th. You'll be able to take advantage of the sales whether you are local, national, or even international. Thank you for visiting HG and for your friendship.

It's been a wonderful first year of business. From the day I stood in the bank office, filling out forms, to the very first official HG mediumship session, to the first professional engagement in support of women with cancer at Gilda's Club's Glamour in the Garden event last March, it's been a year of growth, of potential, and of questions answered.

It's also been a year of connection. One of the most important tasks at Happy Ganesh is intuitive and mediumship readings. Through those, Happy Ganesh can help people communicate with departed loved ones.  Those sessions are beautiful in so many ways and are proof to both myself and my clients that relationships and connection are eternal. Nothing we are dies. The manifestation coaching, astrological services, and blog posts have also been very important in making and keeping the connections between us alive.

Manifestation reminds us that living is a creative process and that every choice we make is a step toward living into our deepest desires, stepping more firmly onto our paths to become who we are. Astrology gives us logical tools to make choices.

Thank you for your business, for your trust, and for your willingness to follow whatever personal spiritual path you hold dear. Hats off to the movers, the seekers, the questioners, and those who dance to the beat of their own drummer. It all starts with you.

The Newsletter

Some of you have been receiving monthly newsletters from HG. Those newsletters are going to be replaced by blog entries (online newsletters). Notifications of sales may still go out via email. If you get a "confirm" email from HG, asking if you want to subscribe to the blog, please hit "yes" to continue receiving astrological, intuitive, and manifestation information!

Pardon Our Dust: The Manifestation Class Is Under Construction

The Manifestation Class will be canceled for the week of 9/30 and will be on hiatus until further notice.

HG will return shortly with a weekly class, and will return refreshed and renewed shortly. The form of the class may change, but the great information and lively format will still be the same. Votes for a weekly class? Drop me a line and let me know what you'd like HG to teach! We're open to suggestions.

Upcoming Astrological Class!

Starting Monday October 25th from 7-8 PM, I will be teaching a four-week astrology class at Modern Zen. Topics will be

10/25       Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

11/1          Venus and Mars

11/8         Compatibility

11/15        North and South Nodes: Karmic Debts

Individual classes are $30 or $110 for all four classes (save 10!). If you are local, please pay by contacting Modern Zen or by making checks out to Happy Ganesh and bringing them into the store.

If you are not local and want to learn more about these topics, don't worry! An online component will be here soon.

Thank you for reading, for taking part in your own joyful dances, and for letting HG into your hearts (and your inbox!) for the last year. I look forward to the next several years with Ganesh and with you.

Take care,