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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Ganesh in San Fran!!

[caption id="attachment_137" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Pacific Coastline. Here I Come, San Fran!"][/caption]I'm going to the West Coast on business today and I'll be back in a week. While I'm enjoying the fresh food, wonderful weather, and massive bookstores (to say nothing of the company of old friends and new editors), here's some San Fran style fun for you to enjoy at home.

I, personally, will not be wearing flowers in my hair, and the "gentle people" I am likely to meet come in the form of best friends who have way too much fun with creme brulee kitchen torches, but c'est la vie. Here's a song anyway. Happy week, all. :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Manifestation Mondays: New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 2!

[caption id="attachment_123" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="New Moon in Aquarius on 2/2/11! Manifest for freedom and individuality!"][/caption]

As I said in a past blog about New Moons, " New Moons dedicate themselves to getting rid of the old and ushering in fresh starts. The sign tells us what area of life we’re being encouraged to restart.  What’s even more powerful here is that – as usual, the sign the New Moon is in, is also the sign that the Sun is in."

Get ready for the  Sun Aquarius/Moon Aquarius on February 2!  Do you feel all that quirky, go-your-own-way energy? This New Moon ushers in the perfect time to work on community issues. Relish your own individuality and quirkiness. Feminism, equal rights or any movement for the greater good and FREEDOM (Aquarian key word!) and TRUTH also falls under this New Moon. (Words like that have Aquarian types dancing in the streets.)

You may want to use this time to manifest in the following areas.

  • get cozy with technology

  • support your platonic friendships

  • Seeing possibility and the future

  • Seeing chance and change

  • Easily realign yourself with your true self

  • Defeating coldness or detachment in personal relationships

  • Manifest health in the lower half of your legs (ruled by Aquarius).

Aquarian Key Words:

  • Freedom

  • Truth

  • Feminism (or any other social "-ism" that works for the freedom of the people)

  • Friends

  • Community

  • Cool Logic

  • Detatchment

  • New Age Anything

  • Energy

  • Unconventional ways of acting

Working with Candle Manifestation or Prayer? Choose a white or a light blue candle.

And, here's the latest Bob's Blazing Tarot Blog, shot with the fabulous clinical hypnotist and card reader Bob Decker. I go into detail about the New Moon in Aquarius towards the end of the video. Enjoy!

Manifestation Fortune Cookie:

"I was changing trains and I said to the woman in front of me, "I'd really love to make my connection." The woman in front of me said, "You'll have to change trains. You can't make your connection!"...She's still in Dallas!

I think from the end. I see myself already connected to that which I want to attract in my life. Watch your resistance! If you think about what is missing in your life and you talk about what is missing and you talk a lot about what is missing, you are creating your connection to Source." As a man thinketh, so is he." If you think about what has always happened, that's what will always happen." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Happy Manifestation Mondays!