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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tricking the Goddess News, New Moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Let's start with some news. The reading date  for the forthcoming collection Tricking the Goddess, at Books and Books in Fort Lauderdale on August 4th has been changed.

The new date is Saturday, August 6th at 4 pm, still at Books and Books at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art!

Come on out, hear me read from Tricking the Goddess, the poems that Poet Laureate of Florida, Edmund Skellings called "powerful, both intellectually and emotionally". I'll be sharing the space with two other wonderful poets, Dr. Kristin Berkey-Abbott (I Stand Here Shredding Documents) and Shefali Chokski (Frontier Literature). And here's exciting news! Tricking the Goddess is in pre-production now and WILL be available for purchase on the day of the event! Hurrah!


The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer

You may have already felt the gears turning as old ways of life drop away. No worries - that's just par for the course, given the fact that we're in some big changes. The energy of the Grand Cross (remember all the push-me-pull-you energy of last summer 2010?) seems to be back again, but in a slightly different format.

This year, we're working with major eclipse energy. Let's do a walk through. We're still working with  several major planets in Cardinal signs (Uranus in Aries, Sun/Moon in Cancer, Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn). A Cardinal sign is a sign that is a Type A, BossyPants! These guys want their way, but will use very different methods to do so.

The Sun and Moon are going to give us a New Moon in Cancer on 7/1. (Read last year's post on the New Moon in Cancer for a refresher.) In other words, we have the Sun (our identification) in Cancer AND the Moon (intuitions and emotional needs) in Cancer as well. This - against the backdrop of Cardinal signs - still provides us with the same New Moon energy that we get every month - a time to manifest the energy of the New Moon.

Now is a prime time to start projects that relate to
  • nurturing
  • caregiving
  • memory and nostalgia
  • the Divine Feminine
  • family trees
  • family healing
  • family memories
  • the past and your roots

This is all happening - as I've said - against the backdrop of a solar eclipse.

What's an Eclipse?

Eclipses basically are the cosmic acceleration plan. Eclipses speed things up and force beginnings or endings. In other words, it's time to Deal With Stuff. Eclipses may release things we don't need. It may bring in new forces. I think of an eclipse as the eye of God closing and reopening. For a moment, things are changed - quickly, forcefully, and, frankly, are what author Geneen Roth called in her book Women, Food, and God, "AFGO...Another F**king Growth Opportunity."

So, here we have this New Moon- Cancer-style chance for new growth and new manifestation, surrounding all the Cancer-type areas I mentioned above.

Because this New Moon is hitting against the backdrop of a Solar Eclipse (a Big Deal), we can really start to make things move for ourselves. Even though there is tense energy (Pluto - the ruler of the underworld and hidden things - in cranky, old-timer Capricorn; Saturn - the planet of slow, pain in the ass lessons - in relationship oriented Libra), we have hope.

"No matter how harsh the truth (Saturn) of our situations may be, there is hope (Jupiter), healing (Chiron), and a chance for renewal where we need it most. But it will take facing our challenges (Saturn) and that may begin with ourselves (new moon)," says the amazing Astrogrrl, over at

In other words, as things continue to move and change around us, and as the Eclipse forces us to trash the old, we are slowly, slowly building up life into what WE want, not merely being passive participants in our own lives.

How will this New Moon and Solar Eclipse affect you? Where do you have Cancer in your chart?

Let's do astrological Mad Libs:

If Cancer is in _________ House, expect to undergo a change or renewal in the area of _______.

Not sure where Cancer falls in your chart?

Go to or for a free chart. Want more? Contact me for a full-length reading.

If you have a Sun or a Rising in Cancer, Cancer is in your 1st house. If you have a Sun in Leo, Cancer is in your 12th house. (I have a Rising in Gemini, therefore, Cancer falls in my 2nd house)

HOUSE                               RENEW OR CHANGE

1                                            Ideas of Self/Ego

2                                            Money or values

3                                            Communication or short distance travel/relationships with siblings

4                                            Home/Family

5                                            Love/Creativity/Children

6                                             Work

7                                            Partnerships/Open Enemies

8                                            Transformation/Sex/Death/Other People's Money

9                                             Education/School/Long Distance Travel

10                                           Career Path

11                                             Friends/Groups/Associations

12                                           Secrets/Wishes/Dreams

I wish you all only the best of changes in this potent time of amazing restructuring and change - we're all rebuilding for the future!



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