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Monday, September 26, 2011

All About Libra: The New Moon, Relationship Energies and More

We're about to enter into the New Moon in Libra on September 27th. This means that the universe is supporting us as we work to create

  • harmonious partnerships
  • balanced friendships
  • fair relationships of all kinds
  • health in areas of the body ruled by Libra, including the lower back and stomach
  • seeing the other person's side - even if you disagree
  • honoring cooperation and fair play
  • art or music that uplifts and creates beauty
  • business practices or social activism that help create balance and equality
Libra is Justice personified, but it is also Justice, ruled by the Goddess of Love. Libra's desire is to be fair and balanced, while still holding space for human connection and romance. Some astrologers see Libra as fluffy and romantic, dancing around on bubble-gum clouds, forever fashion-concious and unable to make up their minds. Not so! Joan of Arc had Libra planets and so have many famous warriors. The crux of Libra is in a perfect blend of fairness vrs. unfairness.  The 7th house in the wheel of the zodiac rules Libra - romantic partners (and not merely casual lovers), enemies, and lawyers all find their home here. 

Right now, we've got some fantastic and interesting Libra energy bouncing around. Not only is the New Moon in Libra for the next few days, and obviously our Sun is in Libra until October 23, but Saturn (lessons) and Mercury (thought) are also in Libra.  Venus (the planet of love) is also in Libra, its natural home. Love lessons (Saturn) with a gentle twist are here right now.  

Also, thanks to Uranus (the rebel planet) in Aries and Pluto (deep psychological transformation) in Capricorn, relationships and partnerships of all kinds are getting looked at under a bit of a celestial microscope - what doesn't fit - or doesn't fit right now - may drop (gently) away. However, the keywords here are "fair", "balanced", "graceful", and "diplomatic." Even relationships or unions that break up under this influence will go forward with a mutual sense of peace and harmony, with an emphasis on understanding the other's point of view. No throwing of dishes here! On the flip side, relationships that do stick under this romantic and cooperative influence are wielded through change and psychological growth.

New Perspectives

Libra energy puts the emphasis on what we can do as humans when we're in balance - with ourselves and with others in a solid partnership. The key of Libra is interdependency - what astrologer Linda Goodman once called "a perfect blend of summer and winter." How would interactions involve if you were in balance with yourself? What personal harmony and security can you bring to situations outside yourself, if you first tune yourself in? Libra promises to help us answer these questions, especially this month. We can begin to trust in ourselves and our ability to build cooperation with others in fair and balanced relationships, partnerships, marriages, and duos. 

Famous Libra Energy!

1)  John Lennon (born October 9th) was the lead singer of the Beatles. He merged romance (Yoko Ono) and political activism, Libra-style. Here he is, singing about a very Libran concept - karma.

2) Oscar winner Kate Winslet (Titanic, Revolutionary Road), born October 5, brings her class and intelligence to whatever role she's in.
Here she is in the trailer for Contagion (2011).

3) Jane Austen was a Sun Sagittarius but her Moon in Libra led her to create some of the world's first romantic comedies, which all focus on the ins and outs of love and partnership. Here's the trailer for 2005's Pride and Prejudice.

4) Happy Ganesh: Happy Ganesh was born on October 9, 2009, making it a Sun Libra. Happy birthday, Happy Ganesh! We love you. Thanks for writing, guiding, and connecting, and doing your groovy little Ganesh dance along the way. :-) (Here's M.C. Yogi, singing about Ganesh.)

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'Til next time.

"Libra Sign Coin -2008"Image: Armenian via Creative Commons

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