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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 14 Forces Us to Our Depths

The Full Moon in Scorpio is an intense one! 

Thanks to the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 14, 2014, we're looking down the barrel of major change.

The Meaning of New Moons and Full Moons

A New Moon means that a situation is opening for us. New changes and chances which have to do with wherever the New Moon is are now alive for us. On the flip side, a Full Moon is kicking out old concepts and situations that are fueled by the Full Moon. In others words, New Moons start things; Full Moons bring endings or chances to let go.

The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 14, 2014

The Full Moon in Scorpio is forcing us to ask large questions about Scorpio topics: sex, death, soul mates, gut-level seismic changes - and asking us what we need to drop or get rid of. What needs a major clear out? With the Full Moon settling in Scorpio for this night, we're being asked by the universe if we have passion and intensity in our lives. Are our souls happy? With the Full Moon in Scorpio, we're karmically charged with fulfilling our own joy at the spiritual, foundational level. If it's shallow, it won't pass muster.  What has to go so that we can be truly happy? What must we create?

What You Need to Know

With the Full Moon in Scorpio, we must

* Lean in
*Dive deep
*Go to the depths 
*Get real
* Follow heart and emotions which will help us process this intensity

---- about the level of deep joy and passion in our lives. Are we living our lives from an authentic and joyful place? Or are we content to stay on the surface with pleasures that don't touch our soul?

Other Planets Contributing To This

The Sun in Taurus is holding up the other end of pleasure: what are our senses doing? Are we happy in our bodies? Are we able to GROW money, not just put it in the bank? 

Saturn in Scorpio is conjunct to this Full Moon in Scorpio. Saturn ties in these Full Moon lessons into deep questions about life lessons and karmic realities. Saturn teaches us Big Lessons and this Saturn is showing us that this Full Moon in Scorpio offers us powerful lessons about our spiritual realities and what needs to change in order to bring us fulfillment. 

Saturn in Scorpio links up with two other planets to form a Grand Trine in three planets: Jupiter in Cancer (luck in dealing...with family) and Chiron (the sign of the wounded healer) in Pisces, indicating that this is a great time of luck and healing deep wounds around personal dreams.
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